An HTML5 iAd

by Sebastian Deutsch on May 19th, 2010
What could an iAd look like?

iAds are a great new way to create digital advertisements for Apple’s mobile devices. Soon, there are going to be more than 100 million iPads, iPhones and iPods combined.

Based on open HTML5 technologies (yay!), developers will be able to easily create and distribute content for Apple devices. But what is all the buzz about?

Ad providers won’t be able to re-use many of their existing ads. The reason is Apple’s iPhone & iPad won’t support Flash, ever.

We don’t see that as a problem. As we have already shown, HTML5 holds some amazing possibilities.

For us, it isn’t about doing what we did with Flash already. We are keen to fulfill the promise of better ads with better tools. Forget those annoying Flash banners. Save the monkey from the hammer. Here’s why iAds are way ahead of the competition:

- iAds are powerful html5 mobile microsites
- Stream related videos, trailers & more
- Buy goods. From inside the ad!
- Clicking an ad won’t quit the app

Click here to see the actual demo. You might checkout the sourcecode on Github.

PS: It’s all based on CSS3 transitions, so it’s best viewed on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Webkit is necessary.

  1. Excite me!

  2. Yeah because nobody is going to make annoying html5 based ads…

  3. Nines, I totally agree with you and I thought about editing the post to reflect our opinion better. But you know, as long as Steve personally reviews all iAds there won’t be any monkeys or porn *scnr*

    Alas. Some are going to do iAds that will be just as annoying. It’s not going to be us. We’re interested in the technology behind them.

  4. Dare I say it… looks like powerpoint slideshow ?

  5. Haha, at some point during making this I was thinking the same.
    But you know, it is mainly about the how, not the what.
    We could do so much cooler stuff with the available tools.

    I believe, if people like this, we’ll definitely do more.

  6. This is the gayest thing I have EVER seen!