Well, now, here it is. The magic of a pillowfight in slowmotion. It took a while to edit and cut the footage we took during this year’s pillowfight in nyc (probably the largest pillowfight in the world), so we’re a little late with the release.

You might wonder about two things:

First, the background music comes from nyc-based group ida, the song’s title is “Late Blues”.

Secondly, the footage was taken with the Casio Exilim EX-F1 - a digital camera with this subtle and stunning feature to record videos with 300 frames per second with a reasonable resolution (512 x 396 - good enough for webpublishing). Before the release of the Casio Exilim, this feature could only be found on extremely expensive cameras.

We got the camera just a few days before the pillow fight, so there was not much time to test the camera and get used to its abilities.

That said, I think the results are fantastic, even though part of the footage could need some color filtering.