Last weekend the whole staff went to rails camp germany 3 at ZweiTag/Münster. It was nice to see how many people showed up and we’ve seen many things - also many non-rails topics. We were pretty excited to introduce a very early alpha  of our open source content management system VRAME to the public.

The first session was about Ruby in general and app development with

MacRuby. It is very hot and everyone’s eager to see it running on the iPhone.

The next session was about CouchDB. NoSQL was a very strong meme at the rcg3. It’s a cool thing to see people running CouchDB or MongoDB in their production environments. For those who are unsure about the benefits, here’s a good further reading about NoSQL Patterns. For those who are skeptical - there is also a dark side of NoSQL.

Many people joined our session. We’re surprised there a so few competing Rails-based CMSes (RadiantBrowserCMSAdva). Together with VRAME we also introduced our authentication engine which can be used independently from VRAME.

In the testing session we’ve had a few insights on acceptance testing with Cucumber, WebRat and Selenium Grid. For those who don’t know the trio infernal: You write acceptance tests with Cucumber in a natural language, you use the webrat library (which has tons of step definitions out of the box) and then you run the tests in parallel on several virtual boxes directly in the browser (yes even the really filthy ones). In opposite to pure WebRat testing you can test complicated AJAX features as well.

In the last session we talked about gems and plugins. We sadly found out that authlogic is not the latest and greatest thing anymore. The new koolaid is warden and devise. There is a good blogpost about warden and devise which expains the differences to clearance and authlogic. Seemingly there are a lot of authentication gems and engines out there e.g. Declarative Authentication or ACL9 just to name a few.

But there is tons of other good stuff goin’ on: Pacecar is an active record extension which adds named_scope methods and other common functionality to ActiveRecord classes via database column introspection. If you want to hack’n’slice on RSS feeds you might want to check Feedzirra out. If you need databased controlled settings in your rails app, try rails-settings. If you need semantic form validation then you’ll probably like formtastic. Vestal versions is for those who need their models to be versionable. If you need nice URLs on your resources, friendly-id is a very good at that. If you want to check out if these gems are ruby 1.9 compatible, check out

We ended the evening in the Pier House with great burgers and lots of nice talks about general geekery (and major foo).

If I forgot something (which I probably have done) please leave a comment and I’ll update the post. And last but not least a big thumbs up to the sponsors Xing, Wunderloop, Rails Konferenz, Sonntagmorgen und Zweitag. The photo was taken by unimatrixZxeros. If you want to know more about rcg3 check out all the tweets out there.

PS: A lot of people asked about our T-Shirts - you can download the motives here.