The results of the “red dot award 2009” have arrived. 6.112 works of designers and companies from 42 countries were submitted. And we received one for!

Szenesprachenwiki is a wiktionary for new words which have not been recognized by the German Duden (standard German dictionary), even though they are part of everyday language. Each submitted word is searched for using both Google and Twitter. Why? Only words with actual search results can be submitted! (On a side note: That is one great spam filter) Before being published on the website, all words are being checked and refined by experts. Successful submissions will be communicated to the author’s Facebook (via Facebook Connect) and the wiki’s Twitter profile. In late September there’s going to be a book featuring the site’s collective submissions!

The website itself is designed as a HTML/Flash hybrid. We’re using Flash for eyecandy animations and advanced UI elements. The backend is programmed in Ruby on Rails (yes, Rails can scale!). There also is a mobile version - just visit the site with your iPhone!