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Lead Full-Stack Developer


Fulltime, Bochum, Germany
Level: Professionals
Start date: As soon as possible

Who we are:

9elements is your local dealer for cutting-edge technology and tailor-made software solutions. We are like the road less travelled on a good road trip - the hidden gem for connoisseurs of finest craftsmanship and innovative design in the Ruhr Area. Twenty years have glued us together, and today, we have built a vivid network of startups, spin-offs, and communities from our conferences RuhrJS and OSFC that makes one’s heart sing. Now, we are looking for someone to join our team and take up the baton in our digital projects for go-getting startups to global players. 
9elements is a home for coders and designers, a place for the makers and shakers, a playground for the crazy ones. It could be yours as well.

That’s the job:

  • You'll have the leading position in client projects and coordinate your team and the client to create digital value. 
  • You define the overall architecture and decide which technologies are going to be used for front-end and back-end
  • You represent 9elements in constant exchange with our clients, and advise them on digital and business decisions 
  • You write clean, composable and testable code as you create the project's foundation
  • You monitor the project's time and budget constraints on your way to finishing a successful product

You are a good fit, if you...

  • Are a web developer by heart with a solid understanding of modern web architecture and advanced experience in a web framework like Ruby on Rails or Elixir and Phoenix
  • Had the pleasure to get to know modern JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular and work with them profoundly
  • Know well how to use a unix based shell
  • Have relevant experience in developing large web applications for desktop and mobile
  • Have a good enough level of English to feel comfortable communicating with international clients (most of our day-to-day communication is in German though) 
  • Seek to challenge tools and stacks and choose the best available technology to get the job done
  • Like to work in an open environment, and like us, believe in the benefit of personal responsibility over complex hierarchies 
  • Are looking for a place where you can tinker and thrive, challenge yourself and ultimately make your work time count 

What you get out of it:

When getting started with us, you might jump in at the deep end, but you’re not alone - we created a room where you’ll thrive through conversations, mentoring, workshops and conferences, and be backed with technical expertise by our lovable team and community. 9elements is a place where we care about the quality of our working time by giving everyone the freedom, self-organization and environment to feel comfy working here. We don’t believe in hype and buzzword-dropping, but in honesty, authenticity and people over profit. And on top, we can offer you a magnificent office and rooftop terrace right in the Bermuda3Eck, in the very heart of Bochum.

How to apply

To be honest with you, we don’t like to read those standard letters of motivation. And we bet you don’t like writing them either. How about, you tell us who you are and what floats your boat. What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? Depending on the job you are applying for we'd love to see some projects you've been working on, code examples or designs so we can get an impression of your modus operandi. Work examples are more important to us than your grades!

You should convince us both professionally and personally, as our company is more than just a bunch of individuals that happen to sit in the same room whilst staring into their laptops. If both parties have the feeling to click, we will get back to you to clarify the terms, make you an offer and then eventually welcome you aboard.

Apply via email

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