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GED VIZ – Visualizing Global Economics Relations



CoffeeScript, SVG, Chaplin.js, Ruby on Rails, MySQL


Bertelsmann Stiftung, Raureif, Boris Müller

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Mission Statement

We built an embeddable presentation tool for the Bertelsmann Foundation to visualize economic relations between countries and political regions. Today GED VIZ empowers journalists and bloggers across the web to tell their stories through interactive presentations and easily share it on news sites and social media.

The GED project intends to contribute to a better understanding of the growing complexity of economic developments. GED VIZ uses modern web technologies to visualize economic data and their change over time.

For more information, see these blog posts:

GED VIZ: An HTML5 data visualization tool
How we built the data visualization tool GED VIZ

The source code is available as Open Source Software. Everyone can download, run and modify the GED VIZ web application:

GED VIZ source code on GitHub

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