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OECD Data Portal

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HTML5, CSS / Sass, JavaScript / CoffeeScript, SVG, D3.js, Lodash, Gulp.js


OECD Publishing Division; OECD Information and Technology Services
Design: Raureif
Data visualization concept: Moritz Stefaner

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Mission Statement

We worked together with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to build the Data Portal, a central gateway to OECD’s large data sets, studies and publications on social and economic topics. It is targeted at researchers and journalists as well as the broad audience.

Using different interactive charts, the user can query and visualize a large amount of statistical data. It’s easy to access the source database, find related studies, and download the used data. Countries can be compared using the dedicated dashboard. Each chart and country dashboard can be shared on social media and embedded into other websites.

9elements developed the HTML and CSS for different page types and the complex JavaScript application for the charts and the query interface. Site and the charts are fully responsive and work on mobile devices with touch input. The charts are highly optimized for rendering performance.

Our work fits into the existing OECD IT infrastructure, for example OECD’s content management system and the .Stat data querying API. The OECD editors select and configure the charts per indicator to render meaningful charts.

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