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Elixir / Phoenix

Elixir is a loosely-typed functional language running on the Erlang virtual machine.
We have used Elixir extensively in the following project:
  • Design
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Ruby on Rails


Welect is a platform for on-demand advertising. Just like a “Netflix for ads”, users can choose which campaign they want to watch. Welect also serves to help publishers to implement a user-centric online business model.

The project demanded handling a high amount of concurrent requests. On the other hand, our partners need us to be able to make swift adjustments over the course of the product. Elixir and Phoenix proved to be a very good choice for these requirements

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Welect Platform

You want to build something with Elixir / Phoenix?

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This is our stack!

Elixir and the Erlang platform

The dynamic nature of the language provides us with great velocity for tackling problems. The unique architecture allows building resilient applications that can tolerate failure and continue service. Not only is Elixir a good choice for many backend tasks, but also for high-tier embedded systems. It can handle high loads with a consistently low latency.



"Productive |> Reliable |> Fast" - these are the cornerstones of the Phoenix framework. With José Valim’s Elixir as a foundation, Chris McCord created a framework suitable for highly scalable web applications. For us it's not just a tool, but something we enjoy working with.


Phoenix LiveView

In our experience, business applications are 90% static and 10% dynamic. Phoenix LiveView enables us to fill the gap and create dynamic views without the need for a javascript framework on top.



Because Elixir made documentation a first-class citizen from the start, hexdocs deserves an honorable mention. The documentation in the Elixir ecosystem is comprehensive, well-written and links directly to the implementation.

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