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React is a frontend framework incepted by Facebook in 2014.
We have used React extensively in the following projects:
Mobile and Web Application
  • Design
  • React.js
  • Swift/Obj-C
  • Kotlin/Java
  • WebGL

PhotoEditor SDK

A comprehensive and fully customizable photo editor for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Our powerful editing tools enable apps across use cases and industries to deliver an outstanding creative experience to millions of users worldwide

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Photoeditor SDK

You want to build something with ReactJS?

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This is our stack!


Since most of our applications are larger projects, we love TypeScript since it enables us to write concise and precise type definitions for software components. A big plus is that refactoring becomes a breeze, since changes are already captured at compile time.



If you want to bill hours use Redux, if you want to get shit done, use MobX. MobX is the hidden champion of state management libraries. Its tight integration with TypeScript yields a lot of benefits for the developer experience.



Bill hours was just a joke. Being the most used state management tool, we also have a large amount of experience on developing high performing reducers.


Styled Components

CSS-in-JS is here to stay and Styled Components is helping us to deliver pixel-perfect and reusable frontend components.

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