First Facebook Developer Circle Ruhr


As we are determined to strengthen our local tech community with events like the RuhrJS conference and PottJS Meetups, we are always happy to embrace new chances to do so. We took the opportunity to create a new forum for people to share their knowledge, learn from each other and exchange about the latest stuff from the industry.

On Tuesday, 23.01.2018 the first DevC Ruhr took place at our Office. DevC’s are Meetups, sponsored by Facebook and organized by locals. Everyone interested in the latest technologies is welcome to listen or give a talk.

The Developer Circle is Facebook’s attempt to foster diverse and active developer communities apart from the German tech centers, as Malte Goesche, a team member of the Facebook Developer Department, explains: “We aim to unite the community, especially in areas where tech meetups are not as well represented as in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich”. As we have shared objectives we decided to team up with Facebook to bring the DevC Ruhr into being.

From developers - for developers

The event gathered people from diverse professions and different backgrounds. The whole evening people were exchanging their knowledge and establishing new contacts over some pizza and beer sponsored by Facebook. While the speakers Tobias Wegner and Pascal Hertleif gave interesting talks about different Alexa Skills and Rust.

We are thrilled to be hosting the next Facebook Developer Circle soon, as our DevC organizer Madeleine Neumann summarizes:

“It’s been such a great evening. I am always looking for new inspiring topics and speakers to expand my own and other people’s knowledge and bring like-minded people together. So, if you would like to give a talk - please get in touch with me!”

We look forward to our next Developer Circle and hope meeting you there!