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We craft digital products and services.

We combine finest technical craftsmanship with elegant and functional design to ship innovative digital experiences. We have a track record of building successful web and mobile applications for our clients.


Design and Engineering

We have built dozens of web and mobile applications, from beautiful UIs to powerful backends. Our solutions serve millions of users across platforms and channels.

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Strategy and Concept

Transforming an idea into a successful product takes more than just technical expertise. We work closely with our clients to figure out how the product should look like and who we are building it for. In the process we set up a detailed roadmap from concept to success.

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Tools and Open Source

Open Source is the foundation our software is built upon. We’d like to do our best to support the community around it. For example, we release the tools and solutions that emerge when we build software.

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Ausbildung.de is Germany’s leading employer branding platform connecting potential apprentices with over 8,000 companies in more than 300 different professions.

By promoting an effective brand as employer your company will be able to attract and retain the industry’s top applicants. Simply register for free at ausbildung.de.

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Tev ci mockup

TEV - Tengelmann Ventures

Tengelmann Ventures is a reliable and trusted partner for early growth stage companies that aim to change people’s lives. TEV started in 2009 focusing on e-commerce investments but soon expanded its portfolio with companies from the totality of the digital space.

Together with TEV, we developed a unique and modern corporate identity from business cards to web experience that represents their outstanding position in the tech industry.

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7mind meditation app

7Mind Meditation App

The 7Mind app puts the OM in “O my, what a great meditation app!”. The free app helps you learn how to meditate with science backed courses that are easy to integrate into your stressful daily routines.

Together with its founders 9elements developed the initial versions of 7Mind for iOS, Android and Web.

Design, Rails, React, Swift
Imgly photoeditorsdk

PhotoEditor SDK

A comprehensive and fully customizable photo editor for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Our powerful editing tools enable apps across use cases and industries to deliver an outstanding creative experience to millions of users worldwide.

Welect mockup

Welect - User Centered Video Ads

Welect presents a revolutionary take on advertising by enabling its users to trade their attention for otherwise fee-based goods like online news publications. In this way they can enjoy the website without disabeling their adblocker.

The app is the first project ever that 9elements developed with Elixir Phoenix and retains its high performance even under exceptionally heavy load.

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OECD Data Portal

The OECD Data Portal, a visualization platform, is an essential part of the OECD’s open data strategy.

We used state-of-the-art frontend technologies such as D3.js to deliver a scalable architecture with complex rendering across desktop and mobile platforms.

Lacma collator mockup

LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is home to over 130.000 works of art. Together with LACMA, we developed COLLATOR an online tool that allows art lovers to browse a database of high-resolution images to curate a custom art book that gets delivered right to their doorstep. The art book can be further personalized by choosing a title and cover or adding a dedication.

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Africa re visual

Africa Re - African Reinsurance Corporation

The African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa Re) is the largest reinsurer in Africa and the leading pan-African reinsurance company. The corporation was founded in 1976 by 36 African states to support Africa’s economic development.

To streamline the content distribution for Africa Re’s various branches we created a solution in Ruby on Rails where content can be stored centrally and then automatically populates the pages.

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