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Our services include the whole digital spectrum from business strategy to web development and UI/UX design.

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Our projects


MedMile is an innovative on-demand training platform for the medical field. Participants can complete short 10-15 minute video courses delivered by renowned physicians and earn officially recognized CME points. The platform also offers an integrated recording tool for doctors to record their own courses. Developed since August 2022, the project started with a new logo and design, followed by website and platform development.

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Innovative and exclusive formats in the healthcare sector

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BRYCK is a platform that aims to empower entrepreneurs who are working to create a future worth living. It brings start-ups, companies and investors together to promote innovative ideas and lead them to success.

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Das Ruhrgebiet

The Initiativkreis Ruhr, consisting of over 70 leading companies and institutions, plays a key role in shaping and driving forward the development of the region. Their online magazine provides insights into the projects and processes of these partner companies. A meaningful design and a clear structure of the content were of great importance to us.

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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is home to over 130.000 works of art. Together with LACMA, we developed COLLATOR an online tool that allows art lovers to browse a database of high-resolution images and curate a custom art book that gets delivered right to their doorstep

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Africa Re

Multi-Tenant CMS

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The OECD Data Portal, a visualization platform, is an essential part of the OECD’s open data strategy. We used state-of-the-art frontend technologies such as D3.js to deliver a scalable architecture with complex rendering across desktop and mobile platforms

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Welect is a platform for on-demand advertising. Just like a “Netflix for ads”, users can choose which campaign they want to watch. Welect also serves to help publishers to implement a user-centric online business model. The project demanded handling a high amount of concurrent requests. On the other hand, our partners need us to be able to make swift adjustments over the course of the product. Elixir and Phoenix proved to be a very good choice for these requirements

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Vegan Energy Drink for Nerds

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Mobile App for Insurance Consultants is Germany’s leading employer branding platform connecting potential apprentices with over 8,000 companies in more than 300 different professions. By promoting an effective brand as employer your company will be able to attract and retain the industry’s top applicants. Simply register for free at

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PhotoEditor SDK

A comprehensive and fully customizable photo editor for iOS, Android and HTML5. Our powerful editing tools enable apps across use cases and industries to deliver an outstanding creative experience to millions of users worldwide

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Online Shop for Custom 3D Printed Jewelry

7mind - Meditation App

The 7Mind app puts the OM in “O my, what a great meditation app!”. The free app helps you learn how to meditate with science backed courses that are easy to integrate into your stressful daily routines. Together with its founders 9elements developed the initial versions of 7Mind for iOS, Android and Web.

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OpenTitan is an open source project building a reference design for silicon root of trust (RoT) chips. We managed to create a digital-first corporate identity together with a technically outstanding landing page. As our very first project built without media queries, it is obvious why the created website is particularly extraordinary. Further features like high accessibility and a switch between light and dark mode finalize the experience.

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