High standards, zero bullshit

We like to work in small teams. Instead of sticking to complex hierarchies, we believe in personal responsibility of every team member and the self-organising power of small groups. That goes for projects as well as for the everyday life in the agency.

We believe that our customers should be in direct contact with our designers and developers right from the start to avoid ambiguity and unrealistic expectation.


As no two projects are the same, you can rest assured that we approach them with over 20 years of experience and empathy for every single user.

Our approach


Everything boils down to assumptions. Every idea you have in mind about your product should be seen as a hypothesis which needs validation first. We strive for continuous learning and approach every idea with the mindset that we can’t know what the user really wants.


We like to work iterative. This means that we continuously launch product features to test our assumptions and learn more about the truly underlying user behaviors.


Sometimes our assumptions work out to be not true. That’s not a bad thing, because we are able to iterate quickly. We will make new assumptions and continuously test their implementation until we find what’s really working.

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