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We’re technology pragmatists using the tools that match the problem. For agile web development we rely on robust frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Elixir Phoenix. For innovative user interfaces we pioneer using cutting edge technologies like React.js and Angular.

We always sit down with our clients to figure out which technology suits them best to achieve their product and business goals, while never strictly relying on one of them.

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular Web Development Frameworks. It allows us to build enterprise-grade web applications, utilizing an extensive set of flexible components. Thanks to its maturity, we can iteratively work on the shape of the application in an agile way, while maintaining the highest code quality.


Elixir / Phoenix

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. At 9elements, we leverage its power to implement applications expecting a very hefty load, keeping both high performance and durability



ReactJS is a versatile UI library for ambitious JavaScript web applications. Built by Facebook for high-performance and low-latency web sites, React quickly became an industry standard. Its rich ecosystem includes well-known tools like Redux, GraphQL and Jest. React is our go-to library for front-end interactivity, from complex form toolkits to feature-rich layouting interfaces.



Angular is a mature and feature-rich framework for client-side JavaScript applications. Angular’s scalability and developer productivity are a great match for enterprise software. Using Angular, we are developing powerful and robust applications for companies in the manufacturing and finance sectors.


Machine Learning / AI

Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful tool to leverage the so far untapped potential of your internal data streams. Together with our experts you will be able to use technology like TensorFlow to your advantage.



In times of Alexa and Google Home everybody gets more and more immersed in the world of voice enabled devices and apps. Tools like Mozilla’s DeepSpeech enable us to bring those experiences to your customers.


Bulletproof Cyber Security

Leveraging leading open source technology in close contact with our UX/UI designers, we are able to deliver robust and easy to use security solutions with seamless integration into your infrastructure.

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