We are
what you
make of it

9elements is a home for coders and designers, a place for the makers and shakers, a playground for the crazy ones. It could be yours as well.

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We deeply
believe in…

People over profit

We believe, the key values for creating a healthy company culture and cultivating positive change in our society are honesty over deception, transparency over secrecy, authenticity over hype, and ultimately, people over profit.

Three people look from below at a hoisted flag, on which the 9elements logo can be seen.


Like little kids, we embrace the new and the unknown, and we make sure that we learn from the best. We created a room where we thrive through conversations, mentoring, workshops and conferences.

Work is life

We don't believe in the term work-life balance - in the end work time is also life time. So we strive to make that time count, putting high standards on the quality of our working time in terms of freedom and environment.

Two men are standing in the kitchen in a good mood and cooking together.


We use the best available technologies to get the job done, rather than sticking to just one single stack out of principle. So we are constantly on the move, seeking to challenge our tools, stacks and processes.

A man wears VR glasses. In the background is a server.
Four men are playing spikeball in the background, in the foreground many people are sitting on a green lawn and chairs watching.


With a network of multiple investments and spin-offs we have learned first-hand how to create successful businesses. Everyone can change perspectives and pursue business opportunities under our shelter.

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In case you haven't found a job that would match your profile, yet still have the feeling that we are the right company for you, just drop us a line. We'd love to get to know you and have a little chat over a cup of coffee. Just send a message.