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Latest job opening:
Senior JavaScript Developer, Bochum
Sales Engineer, Bochum
Junior Web Developer, Bochum


You are no stranger to Photoshop or Sketch but also love layouting in HTML and CSS. You know all the nifty tricks to make your vision come true across browsers and devices. You’re passionate about interactive web experiences. You’re a JavaScript coder exploring the limits of what’s possible on the client.


You’re a Rubyist and you’re experienced with Rails. You’ve played with Node.js and you’re excited about evented I/O. You prefer the green shine of a terminal font over a fancy GUI. You’re not afraid of databases, mail servers and cron jobs. You have a sense for data structures and performance.


Cocoa is the drink of your choice – you love the iPad and the iPhone and know your way around iOS internals. You don’t care that Apple didn’t give us garbage collection, because you had some autorelease pools for breakfast. And if need be you can even get cozy with Android development.

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