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Our mission? Websites for everyone. And at 9elements we are committed to ensuring that everyone can benefit from it. Accessibility is not a feature for us, but the basis of our work. We have been designing and developing inclusively for a long time. We are experts in optimizing for accessibility and designing your website in accordance with EU directives. Everyone should be able to experience your content – and we'll show you how.

Every detail counts

We take you beyond the surface

Even if no differences are visible on the outside, the code under the hood may look completely different - and therefore be inaccessible. This is particularly important for users of assistance software such as screen readers.

~ The examples are currently only available in German, stay tuned. ~

What drives us

  • Inclusive from the ground up

    For us, accessibility is not just an afterthought, but an integral part of our design. We consider the needs of all users right from the start and ensure that our websites are accessible for everyone. Whether it's legible font sizes, high-contrast colors or user-friendly navigation.
  • Technology that connects

    From screen readers to voice control - our technology stands for inclusion. We use the latest tools and approaches to ensure that your website works on all devices and for all users - we've been integrating technologies that break down barriers since day one.
  • Individual solutions

    Every project is unique - we deliver customized solutions instead of one-size-fits-all. By analyzing your specific requirements and target groups, we find creative ways to make accessibility modern.


Our latest projects around accessibility

Recently made accessible

Essential for many and soon mandatory

The obligation to provide accessibility on the web has so far applied to institutions awarding public contracts - from 2025, it will finally also apply to the private sector thanks to the Accessibility Reinforcement Act (BFSG). We support you with your tailor-made solution - whether it's a renovation or a new build.

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