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The 100 Ether Rooftop

Our story begins in July 2015, when the Ethereum project released the genesis block, the very first block of the ether blockchain.

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Help us to create the best tool for publishing anything online.

Building websites today is usually a totally bloated and inefficient process: First, there is a designer who creates layouts and designs in photoshop. After that, the designs are iterated together with clients or teams. Making changes to the overall...

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Live is beautiful.

At Nodecamp 2011, we wanted to present a live tracker built with Node.js. After seeing the popular facebook map by Paul Butler, I was wondering why not create something like that with live data. The appeal of watching the temporal dynamics within...

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Facebook's watching you, brother.

There is a potential side-effect of the new facebook "like" button, which has currently not reached public awareness, but it probably should. It starts when you leave the facebook website. I usually don’t log out, my friends don’t log out, and in...

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The most epic tech-battles in 2010

So we've seen a couple of 2010 lists lately, but from a technical perspective, we think they were missing some important stuff. The following list is a snapshot of heated-up discussions in our company about things that could shake up the web...

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Integrating Captchas with Django

Why do I need CAPTCHAs? As soon as your web project becomes bigger you will notice that bots are trying to spam your blog and to fake user inputs. When I created a blog with Django for a website with about 60.000 unique users per day I had to delete...

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