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Welcome to our press corner. Here you will find all relevant information, facts and pictures about our company, our founders and our projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our press contact Daniel Nierhauve.



Some Impressions of our office, events and some of our projects. Learn more about our team and our work ethics.
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A collection of our official logo and signature in different formats and colors, usable for publications in web.
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Here you can find pictures of our founders Sebastian Deutsch and Eray Basar. These pictures are available as portrait and in other formats.
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Building a combined CSS-aspect-ratio-grid

Building a combined CSS-aspect-ratio-grid

Recently I was faced with the following problem. I had to build a layout that consists of several rows. In each row are two images with a fixed aspect ratio. The two images should have the same height and fill the entire row. - read more

More productive through less bullshit

More productive through less bullshit

Corporate growth kills individuality – or at least it tries to. We found, at least for us, an approach to combat the slow death of our company culture while growing from a living-room-like office with a few team members to a global player with over 80 employees and the founding of several start-ups. - read more

Testing Angular applications

Testing Angular applications

Angular is an excellent framework for building enterprise-grad JavaScript single-page applications. How do take advantage of Angular’s testability? - read more

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